About OFC




11,111 Unique Odd Friends living on Ethereum Blockchain are here to make you rich. #MAXBID.


As we are tired of seeing Fake and BS Roadmaps and rugs!

ofc-imageWe are on a mission to build the largest friends community on Ethereum Blockchain.

ofc-imageThis Project is Completely Community Driven!

ofc-imageGet Your Odd Friend and Make New Friends

  • ofc-imageMint Price: Free + Gas
  • ofc-imageMax 5 mint Per Wallet
  • friends-svg7.5% Royalties
  • ofc-imageCC0
  • ofc-imageFriends Driven


  • What is Odd Friends Club [OFC]?

    OFC is a collection of 11,111 unique Friends on the Ethereum Blockchain on a mission to create a secret and biggest Friends group in the NFT space. This is completely a community-driven project, and we don’t have any big roadmaps as we are tired of seeing a lot of rug pulls. As a Holder of Odd Friend you are never lonely!

  • What is the mint price?

    Free + gas. 5 mint per wallet.

  • What is CCO?

    CC0. This means there is no copyright for the NFT collection. You can modify, distribute, and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

  • What is the utility/roadmap?

    We got sick of seeing BS roadmaps presented in the hope to gain trust. Instead, we aim to under promise and overdeliver

  • Who is on the team?

    We are a team of 3 from across the globe, with artists, and developers, all native to NFTs with project experience